San Gimignano’s Galleria Continua exhibits at La Leggenda Dei Frati

The main hall of La Leggenda dei Frati has become an expression of the collaboration with the
famous Galleria Continua of San Gimignano, an art gallery with branches all over the world.

At this very moment the restaurant hosts the works of Nedko Solakov who, with his “Emozioni
senza maschera” (Emotions without a mask), expresses an art made of small stories of which the
artist peculiarly leaves traces on photos, objects and canvases.

Galleria Continua was founded in San Gimignano (Italy) in 1990 by three friends: Mario Cristiani,
Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. Built in what once was a movie theatre, Galleria Continua has
established itself and prospered in a completely unexpected location, far from big cities and ultramodern urban centers, in a town – San Gimignano – filled with history, timeless and magnificent.
Choosing this place has allowed the development of new forms of dialogue and symbiosis
between unexpected geographies: rural and industrial, local and global, art of the past and art of
today, famous and emerging artists. The gallery’s presence in an area that is, in a sense,
“forgotten” but which has a significant spirit and history, has allowed it to create a reputation as a
center capable of producing exciting and stimulating contemporary work where it is least
expected, free from the spatial and temporal constraints of classical contemporary art institutions.

Galleria Continua, over the course of thirty years, has created a strong identity for itself through its
connections and experiences, all this remaining faithful to a spirit of perpetual evolution and
committing to attracting the widest possible audience to contemporary art. This identity is
founded on two values: generosity and altruism, which are at the heart of all its relationships with
the artists, the general public and its development as a whole.

Galleria Continua is the desire for continuity between the ages and the aspiration to participate in
the writing of the history of the present, a history that is sensitive to contemporary creative
activities and that preserves the link between past and future, different and unusual, individuals
and geographical areas.



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