La Leggenda dei Frati was originally born in the Abbey of Abbadia Isola in Siena and it takes its name from the legend linked to this place: one night in July, three friars gathered the best sprouts from their garden and ate and drank so much that they started singing and dancing non-stop. Even today, in the ancient convent, on July 11, you can still hear the echoes of the friars inebriated by the fruits of their land. Abbadia Isola was for us a center of research and experimentation about the Tuscan gastronomy, today La Leggenda dei Frati is located in the garden of Villa Bardini in the old stables of the residence of art collector Stefano Bardini, today a museum linked to the restaurant from whose terrace we embrace the city in a single glance. Welcome to Florence, welcome to our home!

Filippo Saporito e Ombretta Giovannini.


Since their childhood Filippo and Ombretta are attracted to the transformation of the raw material that becomes a tale of taste in the dish. In the dishes one can find the roots of the wonderful land where they grew up, a continuous source of inspiration and creative stimulus.

The cuisine of La Leggenda dei Frati is designed to convey emotions, memories and culture of the places and thanks to the encounter with a solid network of artisans and excellent producers, the love for the raw material and its processing is cultivated.


Our cooking classes are moments of exchange of knowledge together with the Chef and field experts, encounters with raw materials, preparation of dishes and tastings sitting together around a table.


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La leggenda dei frati - tutti i diritti riservati - I Tre Frati srls - Viale dei Mille 28a, 53034, Colle Val d'Elsa (SI) - P.IVA: 01392810527